MIV Catch Up - Lavolio Confectionery

Lavinia Davolio, founder of Lavolio Confectionery, joined us on Twitter for #MIVReveals on 21st September 2016.  Natural artisan confectionery, handmade with only the finest ingredients, Lavolio are real pieces of fruit, nuts or vegetarian apple jelly, sometimes coated in chocolate or mixed with spices. They're then encased within a thin sugar shell, using an artisan technique Lavinia discovered in Italy.

Hi @lavolio_com thanks for joining us today! For those that don’t know could you just explain to us what it is you do? #MIVReveals 

Lavolio is artisan made confectionery with delicious natural ingredients. Started selling in London food markets in 2013 now available @Fortnums #MIVReveals 

@lavolio_com Can you tell us about your background and what inspired you to create your product range? #MIVReveals

I used to work in investment banking, having studied economics and then decided to change because of my love for food and for all things sweet #MIVReveals 

@lavolio_com What makes your #confectionery unique, compared to its competitors? #MIVReveals

Lavolio sweets taste great, are beautifully presented and create a really memorable experience when you discover all our 30 different flavours #MIVReveals 

@lavolio_com How did you develop the flavours for the Lavolio range? #MIVReveals

Initially by making different sugar concoctions in my kitchen, followed by a trip to Italy where I discovered the sugar panning technique #MIVReveals 

@lavolio_com Can you tell us more about how you secured distribution with stockists such as @Fortnums and @Ocado? #MIVReveals

Persevere, persevere, persevere. You will need a great product and you will need to be prepared on your “homework”  #MIVReveals

@lavolio_com What kind of #businesssupport, financial or #mentoring, have you received? #MIVReveals

I have 3 mentors with complementary skill sets, it helps hugely, I am a good listener. I also attended startup courses and read many books #MIVReveals

@lavolio_com How has your involvement with @SmallBizSatUK helped your #business? #MIVReveals

Very exciting to be meeting and collaborating with brilliant small businesses around the UK. The campaign is helping to give Lavolio more visibility #MIVReveals

@lavolio_com What have been the biggest challenges of setting up your #company? Any regrets at all? #MIVReveals

It's very challenging to give your product visibility in a very competitive market with a small budget. No regrets, only lessons learned the hard way #MIVReveals

@lavolio_com What does the future hold? Any exciting plans we should keep an eye out for? #MIVReveals

We have just launched in Germany and Italy and are looking to launch soon in the USA market! #MIVReveals

@lavolio_com Finally, what advice would you give to other #entrepreneurs looking to set up their #ownbusiness? #MIVReveals

Follow your passion and do not hesitate to ask for help, it is often available to those who ask! #MIVReveals

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