MIV Catch Up - BuyMeOnce

BuyMeOnce founder Tara Button joined us on Twitter for #MIVReveals on Wednesday 20th July 2016.

BuyMeOnce finds and promotes products that don't break the bank, don't break the planet - that don't break at all!  They also challenge manufacturers to build stuff that really lasts.  BuyMeOnce is a website which features all the longest lasting, best made products such including kitchenware, furniture, clothes, beauty items and toys.

@BuyMeOnce Thanks for joining us today Tara Button, could you explain to us what it is you do? #MIVReveals

I founded @BuyMeOnce a website that is throwing away our throwaway culture and celebrating things that last a lifetime. #MIVReveals

@BuyMeOnce Can you tell us about your background and what inspired you to set up the brand? #MIVReveals

I was inspired by a @lecreuset pot. Why shouldn't all our possessions last to be handed down? #MIVReveals

@BuyMeOnce How did you go about setting up your company and choosing the products you sell? #MIVReveals

Hours of research, pain, frustration and wanting to give up. But the idea stalked me until I gave in. #MIVReveals

@BuyMeOnce How do you research your product range? #MIVReveals

We ask how they're made, with what materials, what the reviews say and what the aftercare is! Love a lifetime guarantee! #MIVReveals

@BuyMeOnce What have been the biggest challenges so far with starting up your #business? #MIVReveals

Biggest challenge was the learning curve of building a website. More like a learning wall! #MIVReveals

@BuyMeOnce What type of financial and #mentoring support have you received? #MIVReveals

Wenta have been invaluable with advice, but the biggest practical help has been friends, family and old colleagues. #MIVReveals

@BuyMeOnce What sacrifices have you had to make to become an #entrepreneur? #MIVReveals

Being an entrepreneur feels like you always have more homework to do. It never ends. But I love it. #MIVReveals

@BuyMeOnce We all know that juggling a business is hard work, how do you manage your time and ensure everything gets done? #MIVReveals

I use @omnifocus to organise my time. I have a timetable and a fiancee who will make me turn off the laptop. #MIVReveals 

@BuyMeOnce What would you say is your proudest #business moment so far? #MIVReveals

Proudest #entreprenuer moment is sharing my story with @onthemoney on @cnbc #MIVReveals

@BuyMeOnce Fantastic! What does the future hold - any exciting plans we should keep an eye out for? #MIVReveals

Future is bright! We're launching a new improved website, a new petition and I've just been offered a book deal! #MIVReveals


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