MIV Catch Up - Doisy & Dam

Co-founders of Doisy & Dam, Ed Smith and Richard Wilkinson, joined us on Twitter for #MIVReveals on Wednesday 27th April 2016.  Doisy & Dam create nutrient dense chocolate bars by sneaking in nature’s most delectable superfoods. Focusing on three key elements: taste, texture and nutrition, the team have found a way to make their chocolate nutritious, without sacrificing flavour.

Doisy & Dam launched a 30-day Crowdcube crowdfunding campaign on 16th March 2016 to raise £150,000 for 8.11% equity, raising finance to support their ambitious growth goals for 2016.

@doisyanddam Thanks for joining us today, could you firstly explain to us what it is you do? #MIVReveals

We make superdelicious organic chocolate that’s packed full of amazing superfoods! #MIVReveals

@doisyanddam What makes your #business unique and differentiates you from your #competitors? #MIVReveals

We don’t put any rubbish in our chocolate, just what you get from the cocoa bean, high quality organic sugar and amazing superfoods.  We think this makes for more interesting tastes and textures and a more delicious bar! #MIVReveals 

@doisyanddam What made you choose #crowdfunding over traditional sources of #investment? MIVReveals

Traditional investment source's interests weren’t aligned with our own. We really wanted our customers to be able to be part of our story! #MIVReveals

@doisyanddam How did you end up crowd funding with @Crowdcube – why them? #MIVReveals

We met with the @Crowdcube team a long time ago and got on really well with them. 

Their marketing is fantastic and they’ve helped a lot of our friends crowd fund @goodpropertea @sandowslondon.  #MIVReveals

@doisyanddam How did you go about generating interest around your campaign? #MIVReveals

We didn’t have much money so started by making a 10 second video announcing the funding and asking people to register interest. The video was pretty boring so we included a dog to spice it up.  Then we started mailing out tasty stats from our first 2 years! #MIVReveals

@doisyanddam Did you reach your crowd #funding goal? #MIVReveals

Yes! We were lucky to smash our target and we ended up raising double our goal in 28 hours. It was party time in D&D HQ. #MIVReveals 🎈🎈🎈

@doisyanddam How do you plan on using the funds from your crowd funding initiative? #MIVReveals

The funds we raised are going straight into making sure we can make enough bars of D&D for the hungry bellies of the UK! We’re upgrading our production and looking at new flavours and products so keep your eyes peeled 👀

@doisyanddam What advice would you have for other businesses looking to raise money through crowdfunding? #MIVReveals

Be open and honest about your business – you don’t have to pretend to be the next Facebook. To get people on board you have to make them feel like they’re part of your journey! 

@doisyanddam Thanks so much for joining us today, we wish you every success in your future ventures #MIVReveals

@Myincventures Thank you for having us!


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