MIV Catch Up - Lewis Hammond, My Gym Buddy

Lewis Hammond, founder of My Gym Buddy, joined us on Twitter for #MIVReveals on Wednesday 16th March 2016.

My Gym Buddy is a website which allows subscribers to interact with all users and find themselves a gym buddy or fitness partner in their local area.  The website also features information and advice from fitness experts.

@Mygym_buddy Thanks for joining us today, could you firstly explain to us what it is you do? #MIVReveals

@Myincventures I work for David Lloyd and also run my website My Gym Buddy. #MIVReveals

@Mygym_buddy Can you tell us about your background and what inspired you to set up your company? #MIVReveals

@Myincventures I was one of the best personal trainers in my industry and I wanted to help people. #MIVReveals

@Mygym_buddy How does My Gym Buddy work? #MIVReveals

@Myincventures A social media based platform for gyms and gym members to build a community and interact in their gyms.  #MIVReveals

@Mygym_buddy How do you advertise or promote your business? #MIVReveals

@Myincventures Currently we are still in start-up mode and speaking to Angels investors who are supporting us. #MIVReveals

@Mygym_buddy What have been the biggest challenges of setting up your #business? #MIVReveals

@Myincventures People taking advantage of my ideas and excitement to succeed. #MIVReveals

@Mygym_buddy What type of financial and mentoring support have you received? #MIVReveals

@Myincventures Mentored by XLN CEO Christian Nellemann and a founder for Compare the Uni. #MIVReveals

@Mygym_buddy What does success look like to you? #MIVReveals

@Myincventures Success is to help the world become healthier through the website. #MIVReveals

@Mygym_buddy How many hours a day do you work on average? #MIVReveals

@Myincventures 16 hours a day but it never stops to be fair as I want to succeed. #MIVReveals

@Mygym_buddy What advice would you give to other #entrepreneurs looking to set up their own business? #MIVReveals

@Myincventures Do your research and find a mentor. #MIVReveals

@Mygym_buddy What does the future hold - any exciting plans we should keep an eye out for? #MIVReveals

@Myincventures Partnering with David Lloyd and other gyms and building a fitness portal for anyone joining a gym and community. #MIVReveals


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