MIV Catch Up - TRIBE

Guy Hacking, co-founder of TRIBE, joined us on Twitter for #MIVReveals on Wednesday 10th February.  TRIBE Packs are a subscription snack service containing five nutrient-rich TRIBE Snacks to help you train stronger.  The company was inspired after the founders undertook a 1,000 mile run across Eastern Europe, producing their own trail mixes to help keep their energy and nutrient stores up. On coming home, the group formed TRIBE, wanting to share their tried and tested snacks with other endurance exercisers.

@thetribeway Thanks for joining us today, could you firstly explain to us what it is you do? #MIVReveals

TRIBE is a subscription snack box of containing our all-natural health foods to help you achieve your training goals.  We put on events for our community to help the train stronger. Together we go further. #MIVReveals

@thetribeway Can you tell us about your background and what inspired you to set up the brand? #MIVReveals

The 3 founders are ultramarathon runners who were frustrated with the synthetic performance foods available to athletes. Our TRIBE bars are inspired by our experience on the road and refined by expert sports nutritionists. #MIVReveals

@thetribeway What are your Tribe Plans and are the snacks primarily for runners? #MIVReveals

The TRIBE plans are nutritional packs developed to provide the energy and nutrients you need to train stronger.  Our products have no refined sugar, no sulphites, no GM. Nothing you can’t see or say.  They are perfect for achieving all your goals whatever they may be and we will be alongside you to help out in any way we can. #MIVReveals

@thetribeway How do you advertise or promote your business? #MIVReveals

As a very visual brand, Instagram is key for us. We collaborate with great brands - Insta is a perfect place to showcase this. #MIVReveals

@thetribeway What have been the biggest challenges of setting up your #business? #MIVReveals

Having eaten our own products for years our challenge was to find a way to scale up to produce them commercially.  Having acquired customers so quickly, we now have to develop a system that streamlines order fulfilment to keep up!  #MIVReveals

@thetribeway What type of financial and mentoring support have you received? #MIVReveals

We are lucky to have a very strong professional network and an engaged Board with depth of experience. The founders came to TRIBE from careers in Private Equity, Law and Intelligence work so we have built on this. #MIVReveals

@thetribeway What does success look like to you? #MIVReveals

Being the leading sport nutrition brand with a loyal and engaged community.#MIVReveals

@thetribeway How many hours a day do you work on average? #MIVReveals

10-12 hours but this includes all the run club events and collaboration that we organise. That is hardly work! #MIVReveals

@thetribeway What advice would you give to other #entrepreneurs looking to set up their own business? #MIVReveals

Be bold. Work hard. Nothing is easy – so just keep fighting. #MIVReveals

@thetribeway What does the future hold - any exciting plans we should keep an eye out for? #MIVReveals

We are building out our digital community so our subscribers can benefit from bespoke training plans and videos.   We are collaborating with www.ThirdSpace.london to help train people for the London Marathon. #MIVReveals


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