Employing people - Fast-track your new employee to success

This article focuses on best practice with your new starter to grow and nurture their interest in working for your small business and in helping them to perform the tasks that you have hired them to do. 

Here are our 3 top tips: 

1. Introduce an Induction Programme

Prepare an Induction plan and ideally share it with the employee before their starting day

Even if you feel that your business is very small and that an induction plan is too formal, remember that it creates a good impression of you as an employer.   Providing your new starter with a structure to their first few days, weeks or even months, can help them to settle in and be productive in your business more quickly.

Read more on this subject in our ‘Employing People Group’ and download the 'Induction Checklist Template'.

2. Feedback and review progress regularly during the Probation Period

You should meet with your new starter at the end of their first month.

Provide them with feedback on their performance and listen to any issues or concerns that they have. If they require more support or training you should agree what this will be.  These types of discussions should take place regularly.

Your ‘Written Statement’ to your employee, which was covered in Module 2, should have set out details of any probationary period and the length this might be - three or six months.  When this period has passed you must decide whether you wish to keep your employee, dismiss them or extend their probation period. 


3. Conduct Yearly Reviews

An appraisal might sound very formal for your small business.  You might sit and talk with your employee every day but scheduling in time for an annual appraisal is good for you both.

Appraisals can help with reviewing employee performance, identifying training needs, setting objectives and they feed nicely into your business planning. 

Read more about appraisals and setting objectives in the ACAS publication ‘Managing performance in Small Firms’.

You can also download an appraisal template in our ‘Employing People’ group.


Further free information, including downloadable templates, can be accessed by joining the ‘Employing People’ group on Mi Ventures.

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