How fast can your business afford to grow organically?

Driven by interest, we have created this short and insightful workshop to show you how to identify the shortfall of cash generated by business growth. Book now to grab your seat today!

Gain insight into the investment you need to make to generate the next £100 of sales. Work out the cash you need to fuel your business growth.

FREE workshop for forward-looking CEOs of growing businesses with a business Cash flow expert.

Business money expert, Bibi Martin, will show you how to look at your business through the lens of cash flow and how to discover the shortfall created by growth. You will learn how to prevent any money cracks and gaps that are likely to appear as you develop your business.

For those of you who are already experiencing the shortage of money, you will discover how to improve the way you run your business.

If you really want to gain financial balance when growing this is a must-attend. Click the button to register for attendance.

This is a practical and interactive workshop, with real-life examples. You will learn the easy way of working out what your money shortfall is. You will also learn how much the banks will be willing to lend you, based on your numbers.

We’ll also take you through an exercise, so you can put this into practice.

Cash flow is not a problem. It is an indicator that there are opportunities for improvement in the way you run your business and it tells you where those opportunities are. Learn how to look at your business through the lens of cash flow.

Join us to find out how to work out the shortfall of money created by your growth.



  • Cash fuels growth. Find out HOW to make money support your growth
  • Cash flow shortage is a sign that you can improve the way you run your business. Find out HOW.
  • You want to make more money from operating your business.
  • You want to discover why finances are not the way you really want them to be.
  • Learn how much money you can borrow.



  • How to identify the money shortfall created by growth.
  • Get instant answers to your most pressing questions.
  • Recognise when there is a cash flow issue and how to discover where it is hidden.
  • What to expect before approaching the bank.



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Please note that due to the interactive and practical nature of this workshop, we have to limit the number of seats. Register now to grab your seat!


Bibi Martin, Business Cash Flow expert

Bibi Martin founded BMIM Cash Flow, the finance division of BMIM, with the intention of enhancing the CEOs ability to make more money from their business operation.

Bibi and her team have helped many CEOs improve their cash flow, profits and boost business value. We are passionate about enabling businesses to gain financial independence, and we have made this affordable. Our background is in cash flow management and finance within the fast growth SME environment. We’ve always been part of the SME world, and we know how to deliver measurable results time and time again.

Key facts about Bibi:

  • Deep understanding of Cash Flow and Finance, HR and Operations and IT Operations.
  • Success record in creating momentum during scaling-up stages of organisational development 45% growth rate, compound year on year.
  • Driving transformational growth, restructuring and leading at times of uncertainty. From loss-making to 35% EBIT over 1 year period; cash position from -£500k to debt free and £500K cash position over 2 year period.
  • Masters degree in International Banking and Finance

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Date: Thursday 23 May 2019

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