Mental health in the workplace: skills for managers

According to the Mental Health Foundation, one in six employees experience mental ill health each year. Whilst the reasons behind mental ill health are not always work related, managers need to know how to address it.

This in-depth, full day event has been specifically designed for managers, providing them with the knowledge and practical skills to confidently and effectively manage mental health within their teams.

Business need

A survey by Time to Change found that 49% of employees would feel uncomfortable talking to their employer about their mental health. This is a significant improvement however it is clear there is still work to be done.

Managers may have an understanding of mental health yet they are often hesitant to address it, through fear of saying the wrong thing or making matters worse. However, early intervention is key. It provides opportunity for the manager and the individual to discuss the support they might need to stay in work, not only benefiting the individual but the team and the organisation as a whole.

Delegates attending this event will gain an increased understanding of the different mental ill health conditions and how to recognise the signs and symptoms. Delegates will learn how to effectively engage with their staff at an early stage, have constructive conversations and be aware of the range of practical support available for individuals.

This event will also introduce delegates to the new Acas framework for positive mental health; a holistic model which describes the key responsibilities of the employer, the manager and the individual in contributing to healthy and productive workplaces.

NB: this is module two of a suite of events designed specifically to help organisations navigate the legal, practical and personal aspects of managing mental health in the workplace. Find more workplace mental health training events.

All delegates will receive an electronic certificate of attendance for their participation in the training.


Suitable For

HR professionals, team leaders, supervisors and managers from all sectors of industry who are familiar with the basics but want a deeper understanding of mental health and how to manage it.


This in-depth event will cover:

  • The Acas framework for positive mental health and how you can use it in your workplace.
  • What is mental health?
  • What causes mental ill health?
  • The conditions and symptoms of mental ill health.
  • Key skills for managing mental health in the workplace, including how to listen, what to say and the types of interventions that work best.
  • Introduction to a range of practical support and resources.


Delegates will also have the opportunity to practice learning through scenario based activities.

Venue Holiday Inn - Cambridge      Date 19/02/2020    Time 10:00 - 16:00   
Price £255.00 per person    Please note our training events are VAT exempt 
Please call Acas on 0300 123 1150 or email 

Date: Wednesday 19 February 2020

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Cost: 255.00

Contact Person: N/A

Phone Number: 0300 123 1150

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Location: Cambridgeshire